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Beautiful websites are what we do, but web design is far more than just making pages look pretty. Our process ensures your website performs, with the best ROI at the heart of everything we do.

Web development

Technical excellence is what you’ll find at Step3. Whether we’re building a simple brochure site, a bustling ecommerce website or a complex web app, we’ll ensure it runs smoothly with elegant, well written code.

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We work exclusively with WordPress. Why does this matter? Because we know WordPress inside out and will always know the best (and often the simplest) approach to every challenge.

This makes work faster and saves you money, so yes, it really does matter!


WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce system in the world and we work with it on a daily basis, building and supporting clients’ web shops, large and small.

We can help you with every aspect of running your web shop, from making sure it runs properly to advising on and setting up shipping rates, discounts, tax bands, and so on.

WordPress web design, eCommerce, WooCommerce

Far more than just website designers

Web design, Content, Branding & Marketing

We’re an extension of your business, helping you reach your full digital potential.

Every business is different, so how we work is too. We don’t sell services, we solve problems. Our focus is always on what’s right and what works. So if you need help and guidance on anything online – whether that’s developing a whole new brand, writing content or reviewing your SEO or PPC campaigns, we can help.

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We define and create brands that work today and tomorrow. Brands that evolve and adapt. Brands that connect to customers wherever they are.

We have years of experience managing brands effectively for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

How can we help?

Auditing the effectiveness of your brand, marketing materials and digital channels to give you actionable insights and ways to improve

Develop your verbal and visual brand from the ground up. For your website to perform at its best, your brand, or at least your visual identity must be on point. 

Monitor your brand’s performance on a regular basis with regular check-ins to maintain best practice. Posts on your website and beyond should reflect your brand so the message and the visuals are consistent and work to achieve your business and marketing goals.


Digital Marketing

Many SME businesses engage in digital marketing activities but don’t know where to start when it comes to an overall digital marketing strategy.

We can help you craft an effective strategy that will make sure your digital marketing efforts create a real impact on your bottom line.

We work with experts in every digital marketing channel, from SEO to social media, from email marketing to Google Ads. Once your strategy is in place, we can help you work with the best in the business to deliver that strategy.

Digital marketing
Content development for WordPress websites


Valuable content is the heart and soul of successful marketing.
Smart businesses know that the hard sell is becoming less and less effective.

If you want to engage your customers and build your audience, then valuable and relevant content is where it starts and ends.

Done right, good content fuels your marketing channels, rewarding your business with increased sales, cost savings and improved customer loyalty.

How can we help?

We’ll identify the content your business offers that’s valuable to customers and explore how you can share it

Our copywriters will support you turning that content into engaging and impactful copy, and our creative team will give it the visual wow-factor through design, video and animation

We’ll measure the engagement your content is generating to better understand what works for your customers


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Here are a few projects we’re proud of…

New Princess Alexandra Hospital

Theatre Absolute

Wiser Safety

Hospices of Hope

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