Puretone approached Step3 to help with their PPC advertising campaigns, but after some tough conversations and brave decisions, we delivered a much-needed overhaul of their failing website.

The existing website was in fact a group of scattered sub brands, failing to engage new and existing customers and the usability was poor. Not only that, the site had a dated overall design, confusing product sections, and a lack of any real brand content that set them apart from the competition.

Before starting any structural or content work, we took the company through a detailed brand audit and strategy phase, including a look at their competitors. From that we were able to define their brand purpose and values, establish a distinctive narrative and tone of voice and develop a website wireframe that would draw customers quickly to the key benefits of buying from Puretone.

Following the website launch in Autumn 2018, we continued to work with Puretone on devising and developing an online retail shop, an online trade shop, Puretone Professionals and a new website dedicated to its flagship products range, CENS digital product campaigns, as well as managing their social media and digital marketing.


  • a single website encompassing all services
  • an online retail shop
  • clarity of tone of voice
  • stronger brand positioning
  • increased social media engagement
  • effective digital marketing strategy
  • ongoing strategic consultancy