In late 2019, we guided Sarah and the Highly Sprung team through the development of their brand narrative and company values, and from this we wrote a new strapline ‘theatre that moves’ and core proposition statement for them, which can been seen on the home page of their website.

The website was designed and developed within a 12 week schedule from a brief with a clear goal – a bold, simple design that would reflect the Highly Sprung mission.

Our relationship throughout the process, and since, has grown. Following the launch of the website, we were asked to design and build a website to continue their City Beat project online, in reaction to the COVID-19 restrictions. This was launched successfully within 4 weeks and has meant many months of preparation weren’t wasted.


  • revitalised brand proposition, new strapline and company narrative
  • designed and built new website
  • increased social media engagement
  • marketing strategy development
  • public relations
  • ongoing strategic consultancy