For over 30 years CENS has revolutionised hearing protection, bringing you the best modular hearing protection system in the world. Their website wasn’t presenting their products in a way that reflected this though…

Hi-tech hearing protection needed a hi-tech shop for customers to configure it

Following the highly successful launch of the Puretone website, we were asked to cast our attention toward their flagship product range, CENS digital – advanced hearing protection for shooting sports. The world beating technology needed a world beating website to sell it and a fresh look at the brand and marketing strategy.

We saw that the interface was key in selling this highly bespoke product in a way that made the buying process simple and enjoyable. We designed a unique interface to achieve this, allowing customers to pick from the product range and effortlessly configure every aspect, including colour combinations of the earpieces and electronic modules, even engraving custom logos or text, with a clear indicator on the cost of the product always in view.

The success of this project led Puretone to immediately ask us to design a retail shop for their main Puretone website.


  • an advanced ecommerce website
  • online product configurator to sell bespoke products on any device
  • clarity of tone of voice
  • stronger brand positioning
  • ongoing strategic consultancy