Open Theatre

Website Design & Development

Open Theatre work as creative enablers, choosing to view learning disabilities as creative differences.
Highly Sprung website on iphone

We leapt at the chance to take on the challenge of communicating such complex ideas

The concept of Doing Difference Differently is a complex one so it took several in-depth discussions to get to the essence of the offering from Open Theatre and convey that across the website, alongside the various Labs they run.

We designed a bright and simple website with a bold interface to join the messaging with carefully selected images which worked brilliantly on mobile and desktop alike.

We make our clients happy

“Step3 were fantastic to work with. They delivered a quality project but what was far more impressive and useful was how much they involved us in each step of planning, design & implementation. Working with Step3 is not just an investment in your website, it’s an investment in your company, your staff, and your mission.”

Carl Sealeaf, Open Theatre Co.